Personal Photoshoot Dubai – Should I go with #PAD?

Personal Photoshoot Dubai with #PAD

Yes, you definitely should! Especially for a Personal Photoshoot Dubai. Treat yourself with a lovely photoshoot and trust us. We are the experts :)

We are more than happy to help you with creating a nice and personal portfolio for yourself. Our talented hair and make-up artists are looking forward to help you with looking best. Our experienced and lovely photographer Diana will support you with choosing the perfect clothes for the shoot and will show you how to pose, in case this is your first photoshoot experience :) A close cooperation and communication since the moment you contact us, will be the key to create a great experience and high-quality photos.

Our style is a combination of commercial and fine-art photography, with the aim to shoot emotional, creative, very natural pictures, to tell the story as it is…
It is about capturing the warm smiles, the details of fashion, finding perfect natural light and the right spot.

During the photo session, we will change hair and make-up, as well clothes and location. Diana is a big fan of having each set very different. She know the best locations in Dubai and she will discuss with you in detail, what will be the best location for your Personal Photoshoot Dubai!

After the photo session, we will choose the best photos for you and edit them nicely in Photoshop. Diana is an expert when it comes to retouching. Natural skin, a smooth body and longer legs – if you want. Everything is possible. You can also use these pictures for your modeling portfolio in Dubai. Let us know if you are interested in modeling and we will help you with agencies.

Choose the Photo Agency Dubai for your Personal Photoshoot Dubai! Call us at 055 168 42 98

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