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Hey there and welcome to the official website of Photo Agency Dubai (#pad) and thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read our first blog post!

Let’s introduce ourselves to you.

What is Photo Agency Dubai?

Photo Agency Dubai is a group of passionate photographers based in Dubai, founded in 2014. Since we unite a creative group of the best photographers of Dubai, we can offer a variety of great services (check out our work over here).

Our services include:

Portrait Photography

Here at Photo Agency Dubai, we love to capture great shots of our clients! We focus on our client’s expression, personality and mood! Whilst in Portrait Photography we mostly concentrate on our client’s face, we also shoot full-body! We offer shootings for professional models who want to expand their modeling portfolio as well as private people who want us to capture them in great moments.

Picture of Ines Eisner, a german photo model. Brown hair, full lips, blueish-grey eyes. She wears a white shirt on this photograph and was shot in front of a white background. © Taken by Photo Agency Dubai in 2015
Ines Eisner – Popular German Model © Photo Agency Dubai, 2015

Modeling Photography

We are very experienced in model photography. We photographed several finalists of Heidi Klum‘s german show “Germany’s next Topmodel“, such as Fiona Erdmann. We gathered experience in this industry for 8 years, specifically in Germany.

Picture of Fiona Erdmann, german model and TV-host. She is one of the finalists of Heidi Klum's show 'Germany's next Topmodel'. On this picture she is wearing a grey tunic with a golden belt. She is posing in front of a flourishing cherry tree whilst looking to the right. © Taken by Photo Agency Dubai in 2015
Fiona Erdmann – German Model and Finalist on Heidi Klum’s show ‘Germany’s next Topmodel’ © Photo Agency Dubai, 2015

Family Photography

Photography is all about capturing moments! Often times families lack great pictures with their beloved ones! We offer exclusive family photoshoots. We can visit you and your loved ones at home and organize a nice, exclusive, personal family photoshoot.

A picture of a small family in front of their home in Dubai. Father, little daughter and mother. The father wears black shoes, black pants and a white shirt. The little daughter wears a red dress and cute beige shoes. The mother wears a black-and-white leopard-pattern dress with red, torquoise and blue accents at the bottom. She wears beige shoes aswell. The family is sitting on a stair, you can see a kids playground in the background. The family looks really happy, as everyone is smiling or laughing. © Taken by Photo Agency Dubai in 2015
We love to get to know you and your beloved ones! Let’s capture joyful moments together! © Photo Agency Dubai, 2015

 Kids Photography

Kids grow so fast! In fact, so fast that often times we don’t even realize HOW fast they grow. Good news: we can ‘freeze time’ by capturing great shots of your little ones. Regardless of the age of your kids, we try our best to take great pictures of them!

A picture of a smiling baby with blonde hair and blue eyes sitting on a table besides a blue bucket with green tulips. © Taken by Photo Agency Dubai in 2015
little happy baby sitting on a table – regardless of the age, we take great shots of your little ones! © Photo Agency Dubai, 2015

Wedding Photography

Here at Photo Agency Dubai, we are specialized on local weddings in and around Dubai. We photographed weddings in Madinat Jumeirah, Atlantis on the Palm etc. We love to capture this very special day in your life on great photos and give you the opportunity to look back at it whenever you wish to.

A picture of the brides hands. She is wearing a ring, her hands are folded and colored with Henna (red color), which is an arabic tradition. © Taken by Photo Agency Dubai in 2015
We specialized on local weddings in and around Dubai. © Photo Agency Dubai, 2015

Kids Birthday Parties

Did you ever want to just enjoy your kid’s birthday party, which you lovingly prepared without having to worry about taking photos? We know that problem and that’s why we offer a Kids Birthday Party service. The feedback was great. So great, that we were invited to take pictures on hundreds of kids birthday parties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Sit back and enjoy your kid’s birthday party – we have you covered with great memorable photos!

A picture of a girl's fourth birthday party. There are a lot of kids sitting around the blue table. waiting for the cake to be cut. The relatives and friends of the family seem to have a good time. © Taken by Photo Agency Dubai in 2015
Sit back and enjoy your kid’s special day – we have you covered with great memorable photos! © Photo Agency Dubai, 2015

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography goes hand-in-hand with Model Photography. We at Photo Agency Dubai love to co-operate with Fashion Designers aswell. We are experienced in presenting Fashion with the help of models and already did a lot of Abaya Shootings.

A photograph of an arabian looking model posing in front of a plant. She wears a black and white Abaya, which is a traditional arabic tunic. She wears a golden necklace and dark red lip stick, too. She has black eyes and hair. © Taken by Photo Agency Dubai in 2015
We are experienced in shooting great fashion photography – we already did lots of Abaya Shootings © Photo Agency Dubai, 2015

 Corporate Photography

Presenting your business in the best way possible is essential – we know that. Our photographers visit your offices and take stunning representative pictures of your business and your  staff.

A photograph of a young office worker sitting at a desk with a piece of paper in his hand. He wears a suit and tie. He has dark, short hair and brownish-green eyes. The photograph seems to be taken while he was working, since he has his hand over a computer keyboard. © Taken by Photo Agency Dubai in 2015
Present your business from it’s best side – we can help you out! © Photo Agency Dubai, 2015

Event Photography

Documenting Events is an everyday-task for our photographers. We already attended and documented events such as the World Economic Forum, the Abu Dhabi Media Summit or the RTA Dubai.

A picture of a speaker taken on an event. You see a man in a suit talking into two microphones on a stage, his hands are wide open, as he is gesticulating and the photograph was apparently taken while he was speaking. © Taken by Photo Agency Dubai in 2015
Documenting Events is an every-day task for our photographers. © Photo Agency Dubai, 2015

Food Photography

Do you or a friend own a restaurant? Or maybe you work in gastronomy? We take great pictures of your delicious drinks and dishes! We are proud to say that we can count Saladicious (JBR & Jumeirah), Tumeric in the Marina Mall, Pierre Herme and many others to our clients.

A picture of a calamari-salad dish with lime and sour cream on top of a wooden table. This picture was taken for the restaurant 'Saladicious', based in Dubai. © Taken by Photo Agency Dubai in 2015
We take great photos of your delicious dishes and drinks! © Photo Agency Dubai, 2015

Interior Photography

Maybe you own an hotel or any other form of building and want to have it photographed professionally. Maybe we can help you out :) We are experienced in taking breath-taking photographs of interiors. We already photographed Burj al Arab, The address Hotel Downtown, Dusit Thani Hotel, Park Hyatt and many other great places!

A picture of the inside of Burj Al Arab. This is the main hall. If you stand there and look up, you can see its great colors ranging from blue over turquoise to yellow. © Taken by Photo Agency Dubai in 2015
Great buildings deserve great pictures! © Photo Agency Dubai, 2015

Product Photography

We also offer Product Photography. Photo Agency Dubai is committed in taking great pictures of your products. We photograph basically every product such as medication, stationery, bags etc.

A picture showing a red leather bag. © Taken by Photo Agency Dubai in 2015
We take professional pictures of your products! © Photo Agency Dubai, 2015


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    Hi Guys, my friend mailed me your work and I really like your style.
    Are you also photograph cars?


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